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Love everything!

I love everything about my purchase. Their triple monitor stand combined with the 6S-120 is a game changer. The amount of immersion, realism and comfort is out of this world. Being able to look into the apex and see other racers side-by-side is unbelievable. If you can afford it, get the triple monitor setup.
Abrahm Albert

March 19, 2022

Wish I found these guys earlier…

I wish I found these guys earlier. The 6S-80 SLIM replaced my Next Level Racing F-GT as the F-GT had issues with pedal and seat movement and flexing. The 6S-80 SLIM had none of those issues for the same price yet greater build quality.

6S-80 Slim

Liya Wise

March 14, 2022

Couldn’t believe what they offer…

I was researching a sim racing cockpit and found 6 Sigma Simracing, couldn’t believe what they offer compared to other brands and designs. Got my 6S-80 sim racing chassis with a happy smile on my face.

6S-80 Chassis

Angel Roman

January 18, 2022

Absolutely love this thing!

Absolutely love this thing. Great build quality and wire runs make for a nice clean setup. It is very sturdy. I'm a large guy and I wanted a rig that could handle my size. I am glad I found this by chance and bought it hoping for the best. It worked out great. The assembly instructions are excellent. I am very pleased with this purchase. Thanks for a great product.

Sim Racing Rig

Poon Pan

November 15, 2021

Happy I made this order!

I’m happy that I made this order. I was using my Thrustmaster T300RS on my desk for a while and I wanted something sturdier and more comfortable for my T300RS. I ordered the 6S-80 Slim with the RS Adjustable seat. Best purchase. The chassis and seat were direct to setup. I emailed customer service as I had a few missing T nuts, they were quick to reply and send me replacements. Overall, a blast to race in, great for endurance racing and strong enough when I want to upgrade to direct drive.
Mareen Jack

March 10, 2022

The deal is amazing!

Money can buy happiness when it’s a good deal and you order the 6S-80. The deal is amazing as no one else can provide this level of strength at this price. Whenever I’m seated and racing, I’m always comfortable and having a blast.


Christopher Hernandez

March 8, 2022

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