• Sim Racing Leagues

    Sim Racing Leagues
    The Sim Racing community has been growing exponentially in recent years. Most new sim racers start as a hobby or to just have an awesome new addition to their gaming set-ups or man-caves. Some professional drivers take up sim racing to practice and hone their skills for real-world racing. Then there are the competitive sim racers, who compete in sim racing leagues. Some leagues...
  • Sim Racing Games

    Sim Racing Games
    Now that you’ve invested in a sim racing rig, whether it be an entry level rig like the 6S-Slim with the basics, or a top-tier rig like the 6S-160 with high load cell hydraulic pedals, direct-drive wheel, a sequential or gated shifter, and a triple-monitor stand and set-up, what games should you play?  There are many sim racing games out there. Do you want...
  • Real quality and value

    Real quality and value
    What makes 6 Sigma Sim Racing different from the many other Sim Racing companies out there? Our goal is to bring quality, affordable Sim Racing to the masses, and we have accomplished that through inventive and efficient design, engineering, and manufacturing. We use high-grade, CNC-machined, 40-series profile Aluminum for our cockpits and accessories. What does this mean?  We match and beat ALL of our...
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