6S-120 Chassis Special Bundle
6S-120 Sim Racing Chassis
2024 Model updates: Shifter Mount bracket and mouse pad is now included.  DESCRIPTION The 6S-120 represents the best valued in a high-end sim racing rig. This is an uncompromising cockpit built with the serious racer in mind for professional-grade simulation...
6S-160 Sim Racing Chassis
Floor plate and heavy duty feet plate are not included in the price.  Standard Package. DESCRIPTION The 6S-160 is our top of the line, high-end sim racing rig. This is an absolute beast of a cockpit! Built for the sim...
6S-80 Chassis and MOZA R9 V2 Bundle
Deliver in April The bundle price includes: 1.  6S-80 Standard Chassis  2. MOZA R9 V2 wheel base  3. MOZA CS steering wheel  4. MOZA SRP pedal (2 sets)  5. RS Seat  
6S-80 Sim Racing Chassis
    DESCRIPTION The 6S-80 is the leading cockpit for mid-range and professional sim racing. Constructed from lightweight, sturdy, heavy duty grade 40-series Aluminum with a slick Matte Black finish that looks great with a minimal footprint. 6S-80 is the recommended...
6S-Boxman and MOZA R5 Bundle
Deliver in April Bundle includes: Moza R5 wheelbase  Moza ES steering wheel MOZA SRP Lite 2 Pedal  6S-Boxman wheel stand
6S-Fanatec Podium DD Mount
The Fanatec Podium Mounting Bracket is used to side-mount the DD1 or DD1 Fanatec Podium Drive Wheel to your Aluminum profile cockpit. The slotted holes allow the Podium Wheel to tilt. Additionally, the upright mounting plates make this possible as...
6s-Heavy Duty Feet Stand (15CM)
4 pieces in one package     This is designed for 6S-120 and 6S-160 Chassis. 15MM Heavy-duty Aluminum construction for a stable and sturdy foot stand to match with your 6 Sigma Sim Racing chassis. The most rugged stand on the...
6S-Quad Monitor Mount
This is the add-on kit to single or triple monitor stand.
6S-Shifter Mount Bracket
See general shifter mount and mouse pad kit picture for more details.   
6S-Single Gaming Monitor Mount
The most Robust gaming monitor mount on the market. solid Aluminum construction. Best match for a 49” ultra-wide monitor. Also adaptable to triple-monitor set-up.
6S-Single Gaming Monitor/TV Stand
The sturdiest, heavy-duty Aluminum, single-monitor stand on the market. Designed for superior rigidity. 130cmX37cmX8cm, 14.3kg Easy to assemble Fully adjustable height and angle Nullifies vibrations which come from steering wheel and pedal inputs Holds up to 55'' monitor
6S-Slim & MOZA R5 Bundle
Bundle price include: 6S-Slim Chassis  RS Seat  MOZA R5 wheelbase MOZA ES Wheel MOZA SRP Lite 2 Pedal with brake kit R5 adaptor kit
6S-Slim Reinforcement Kit
Additional designed piece to provide extra rigidity to the entry level racing cockpit.
6S-Slim Sim Racing Chassis
Reinforcement kit is in accessories section.  Seat is optional.   DESCRIPTION The 6S-Slim features unbeatable quality at this price range! Constructed from lightweight, sturdy, heavy duty grade 40-series Aluminum with a slick Matte Black finish that looks great with a minimal...
6S-Triple Gaming Monitor Stand
Restock in December,2023. This is the heavy-duty Aluminum frame. The sturdiest monitor stand you can find on the market! 160cmx40cm, 23.4kg Easy to assemble Fully adjustable height and angle Fully upgradable to triple monitor mount or quad monitor setup Nullifies...
6S-Triple Monitor Kit (add-on)
This is the add-on kit to 6S-Single monitor stand or single monitor mount.
Caster Wheels
  In Stock! 5 CM in height increase when installed.
Chassis Floor Plate
Product is compatable with 6S-80, 20,and 160 rig.
Chassis Front Mount Bracket
Our Rugged front-mount bracket is built to take the torque loads of the most powerful and advanced drive systems and wheels, and gives a more sturdy and realistic driving angle. Easy to install Durable profile aluminum arms Adjustable height and...
Chassis Keyboard Tray
Rugged and durable 40-series Aluminum constructed Keyboard tray with cut-out 6 Sigma Sim Racing logo. Highly adjustable and fits all frames.
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