6S-80 Sim Racing Chassis
    DESCRIPTION The 6S-80 is the leading cockpit for mid-range and professional sim racing. Constructed from lightweight, sturdy, heavy duty grade 40-series Aluminum with a slick Matte Black finish that looks great with a minimal footprint. 6S-80 is the recommended...
Available early March.
6S-Single Gaming Monitor Stand
The sturdiest, heavy-duty Aluminum, single-monitor stand on the market. Designed for superior rigidity. 130cmX37cmX8cm, 14.3kg Easy to assemble Fully adjustable height and angle Nullifies vibrations which come from steering wheel and pedal inputs Holds up to 55'' monitor
6S-80 & Simagic Alpha 15Nm Bundle
  Bundle includes: 1. 6S-80 Chassis with CNC deck mount and shifter kit  2. GTR bucket seat  3. Simagic Alpha 15Nm Wheelbase with GT1 wheel  4. Simagic P2000 3 pedal, 100kg 5. Lite duty feet stand (10cm)
60 day delivery after purchase. This product includes the chassis and seat with full liveries.  Shipping with fully assembled and tested set up. Turn key ready to go. 
Motion Simulator Bundle - Mimo 4 (pre-order)
Bundle Options include: Mimotion 4 motion system 4 DOF 6S-160 Chassis with GTR seat Triple monitor stand Simagic Alpha Ultimate wheelbase and FX pro wheel Simagic P2000 3 pedal
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