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Asetek SimSports® Clutch Paddles   


Upgrade your Forte® Formula Steering Wheel with these analog dual Clutch Paddles. 

Inspired by real-life race cars our analog dual paddles are designed to give you that all important competitive edge. Experience dual clutch action for ultimate standing start and clutch-and-coast performance, helping you to cut those precious milliseconds! 

Made in a carbon, glass, and plastic composite material, you get a very high natural rigidity and strength providing top-of-the-line quality and durability. Both made to last and for comfort, they're also lightweight, ergonomically and low noise. 

With a quick and simple one-screw installation, the paddles also feature adjustable width, to fit all hand sizes and preferences. 

Featuring 3 modes of configuration in RaceHub™: 

Dual Clutch - Use both clutches to quickly launch your car from a standing start. Activate both clutches to enter dual clutch mode. Release one of the clutch paddles to reach the bite point. Slowly release the second clutch for a smooth launch. Featuring the ability to configure your desired bite point. 

Individual paddles - Giving you two individual axis to configure to your liking in your preferred Sim. 

Buttons -  Configure each paddle to act as extra input buttons. Configurable in your preferred Sim to the exact function you desire. 


  • 32,5 x 40 x 75,5-85,5 mm 
  • 10 mm adjustability 


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Asetek SimSports Clutch Paddles
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